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Birdy :-)

Oh Bummers! It’s Monday and I’m thinking happy thoughts 🙂 Why? One must be because someone stopped me on my way to work and said I looked like a little sparrow, ROTFL! The other I am not so sure about, is because I love Mondays and what’s more? August is around the corner I love […]


Kia ora 🙂 I spent the day researching, window shopping, getting excited and then cooking all in one hell of a swoop! But really what’s going on in my mind was simple DIYs that I could with all the clutter I find in the house lately. Mostly, I notice glass containers. So I went to […]

Wednesday’s Color-Parlor

  It was a beautiful morning that dawned today. Bright and sunny. For a moment I felt the need to go bird watching then I remembered I have work (insert tiny whiny voice) Now, I love me a naturally lighted home and my two essential criteria for any living space is lots of light and […]

Old is gold

It’s been a crazy house the past weekend helping my sister pack up. But I kept myself from going bananas by eating, working out (aerobics) and shopping! 🙂 It was while going to and fro the house that I happened to come across three of those generational cardboard suitcases that once belonged to my father. […]

Hello World!

It’s the second last Saturday of the month, and boy have I been tardy for this blog! See, I’d purposed to begin on the first of the month but well, the lazy bug set in 🙂 There are times I can be an idiot though; putting projects on hold to take on sleeping. Sigh…. Lately, […]