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SaturDIY- Curtainized Bed-sheets

I’m laying here on the bed listening to music and gazing out the window and being just pleased with myself 🙂 Today, I was a girl on a mission and MISSION ACCOMPLISHED \o/ Earlier this morning, it was still that maroon-golden curtains on my window. Now, it’s yellow with blue-and-white stripes. See I had this […]

Friday Flight!!!!

Don’t you be fooled by the title to today’s post. I am fleeing to nowhere. Neither flying to anywhere. At-least not so soon. Usually, I took pictures with my not-so-high-quality-phone and so it goes without saying that the pictures weren’t any high-quality either.. Around April, I’d captured a few paintings: the lighting wasn’t as good […]


Wait! What’s that splash of bright I just spied? Hmmmmmm. This month and probably next, it seems, Tidy Bubbles will dress in pomp and colour and officially sing in praise of the weather 🙂 Side Note: My Monday coffee date went well, if you were wondering. Typing away on this computer, shall I confess something? […]

Buttery like Peanut

People of the blogosphere, I have an announcement to make: I hate PEANUT BUTTER! There is something wrong with me.  Very wrong. You’ll never guess what I did yesterday.  Not in a million trials. Lemme not give you a mammoth task trying to think what could possibly have gone wrong: Have a look at the […]

The Bookman is on My Case

Wheew! Haven’t been feeling well the past few days and I almost got me grounded for whiplash. Also, I have been a tad too lazy to finish the book I am currently reading. Yes, you have the permission to whip me, lol! That is the book Books will always have a place in our lives […]