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Making Progress


See all that? That and much more had to be put into their rightful place 🙂 And the dust! Golly!!!

This weekend I’d planned to travel but late Friday evening I realized the much that had to be done with regards to the place I call home (Le Sigh) I’d wanted to spend time with strangers at the beach and have lazy walks in the sand and stare into the sunset and just be. Instead, here I was. Laundering, dusting, deep cleaning and attempting to repair a broken clothe- stand, all by myself, wheeew!

Even then, I had time to think of my non-existence kitchen garden 🙂 Yes, there’s lots of potted flowers and herbs in my head. All in full bloom, lol! So, I decided that it was time to actualize it. The better half of my Saturday morning was spent bargaining with potters. And I did manage to take home two clay pots. Hooray to bringing outdoors, indoors!



Aha! The kitchen garden is slowly taking shape. I hope to add two or three more pots next weekend. At the moment I’m debating flowers or herbs. Hmm, tulips and hibiscus or coriander and rosemary? I’ll let you know within the week of my decision 🙂



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