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Buttery like Peanut

People of the blogosphere, I have an announcement to make: I hate PEANUT BUTTER!

There is something wrong with me.  Very wrong. You’ll never guess what I did yesterday.  Not in a million trials. Lemme not give you a mammoth task trying to think what could possibly have gone wrong: Have a look at the below and tell me if anything’s wrong?


Peanutty scrambled eggs

Question: Who in this nutty world uses peanut to make scrambled eggs? Answer: Me. I discovered too late that I’d used peanut in place of butter. Can you imagine the lemon-face I wore upon tasting? Of-course my breakfast had to go to the bin

ION, I made a friend yesterday. Looks like the good old buttered days are back with me. Days when I could meet cute boys and flirt 🙂 Infact, he’s coming over for a coffee in an hour. Met him at a cafe as I was buying some lemonade. I twitted and possibly ran my mouth a little too much to finish my drink, lol!


Isn’t that beautiful an arrangement?

And when life does hand you lemons, make lemonade 🙂

Tidy day yo!


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