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Wait! What’s that splash of bright I just spied? Hmmmmmm. This month and probably next, it seems, Tidy Bubbles will dress in pomp and colour and officially sing in praise of the weather 🙂

Side Note: My Monday coffee date went well, if you were wondering.

Typing away on this computer, shall I confess something? I’d have posted a picture of my nails but I figured out you’d be jealous. Trust me not lol! They are a brilliant lime green and THAT is the color on today’s parlor


Lime Craspedia flowers


If you are loving this room in more ways than one, raise my hand!


Hook on and let’s just tidy together


Lime colored planter. Hmmm, remember I was to tell how my little herbs are doing? Soon 🙂


Attracted by the button knobs? So was I


Thought that a good blend of colours


Lime chandelier and curtains


Citrus-y clean kitchen apartment


Hear ye. Hear ye; not all things are served on a silver platter

And because I’m feeling a little proverbial today: It is the softness of the lime that is fatal to the bird.

Tidy day yo 🙂


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