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Friday Flight!!!!

Don’t you be fooled by the title to today’s post. I am fleeing to nowhere. Neither flying to anywhere. At-least not so soon.

Usually, I took pictures with my not-so-high-quality-phone and so it goes without saying that the pictures weren’t any high-quality either.. Around April, I’d captured a few paintings: the lighting wasn’t as good but as long as you can make out the features, I’m good 🙂


A 1987 painting that belonged to my mom and now in my possession #winning


A maasai family. Indigenous to both Kenya and Tanzania


That’s them again; with red ochre on their hairs


This painting is incomplete in the sense that I ran out of money to buy its other half  😦  But hey, better half a loaf than none, right?

Goodbye annoying little phone camera, hello Nikon COOLPIX  \o/ I got that from my sister (she’s a great fan of the blog already) I’m now looking forward to be a cool-ass photographer.

Meanwhile on that Friday Flight banter, Chikni Chameli is why I’m nursing broken limbs this afternoon ;-*  Nothing but love for Indian culture, dance and cuisines.

Tidy day yo 🙂


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