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SaturDIY- Curtainized Bed-sheets

I’m laying here on the bed listening to music and gazing out the window and being just pleased with myself 🙂 Today, I was a girl on a mission and MISSION ACCOMPLISHED \o/ Earlier this morning, it was still that maroon-golden curtains on my window. Now, it’s yellow with blue-and-white stripes.

See I had this pair of sheets in my high-school days that no longer fit my QUEEN bed and so I decided to curtainize them. I didn’t use both of them because I guess I’m still attached to their being bed-sheets. I loved them then, I love them to date


That, right there is one of the sheets

Because I’m yet to own to own a sewing machine, I hijacked a friend’s. Before setting out to cut the cloth, I made sure that it fit the window in question then work began. I hope to add in some beautiful detailed stitch-ins sometime soon. 


This is how it turned out. What do you think?

Now, the house is a brilliantly mix of colour. I think it’s beautiful and pretty enough to me 🙂

Have a tidy day!






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