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I Want To Be On TV!

Who am I kidding? I don’t want to be on TV. That’s a title to one of the children’s book I read a few days ago 🙂


Been a long time since I last visited my blog. My fingers yearn to write on the familiar; this will be a bit different. It will be literary, literally, lol!  Because I attended the Storymoja Hay Festival at the Nairobi National Museum. It was all ‘yay for Hay’ 🙂

I could go on and on about the authors and artists who attended but again I am a girl of few words. From Giles Foden to Lemn Sissay to Precious Williams to Lola Shoneyin (Aunty Lola is what we preferred to call her) to Jung Chang to Dinaw Mengestu to…………look up storymojahayfestival.com

Being held at a museum, the festival was a learning experience and a junk of art. Obviously.







Bottom line: I had fun. Even bagged myself a few signed books like this one I am currently reading:


I also came across this piece that I thought would make nice artwork for a door, don’t you think?



That’s it for today. Tidy day yo! 🙂




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