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My to-do list

This week, I’ve made six trips to the hospital; for wound dressing and also because at some point I thought I was losing my mind, ROTFL! This made it a somewhat somber five days, I just want to go on  vacation now.  Nonetheless, I was conscious of my need to update the blog which is […]

Tranquil Turquoise

Dear deary we! What a day it’s been. From the doctor’s and oye! I’m now nursing an incission 😦 IOHN, managed to snag some titles for Tidy’s bookshelf. Now to go home and just curl on the couch, virtual book and a coffee at hand. In the meanwhile, how cool is this Kensington House? On […]

Why I almost lost my voicebox over bachelor pads

There’s a state law against “Noise and Excessive Vibrators’ and “Provisions Relating to Noise from Certain Sources.” I am not sure about the former but the latter is where I might have fallen on the eve of today. I couldn’t even put up with myself, lol! So now, I’m left mulling and having a quiet […]

SaturDIY: Chalk/Clipboard Frames

Glee! I’m ready for the weekend! Someone please pass a puff 😉 As if. But seriously, I need some mischief today. Feel free to make some suggestions, thank you. (from creaturecomfort) So, I bought this clipboards the other day that I have been using as my wish tree and to pin my plans and ideas. […]


I wouldn’t know if it’s the burn-out or if I really want to start anew. The latter has a probability of 1 (yes, I passed my mathematics) 🙂 On a whim, I did a little charting on my board and noted down a few things I want to accomplish before this year ends. Yeah, now you […]