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Why I almost lost my voicebox over bachelor pads

There’s a state law against “Noise and Excessive Vibrators’ and “Provisions Relating to Noise from Certain Sources.” I am not sure about the former but the latter is where I might have fallen on the eve of today. I couldn’t even put up with myself, lol! So now, I’m left mulling and having a quiet soliloquy on bachelorhood and the package that comes with it.

My inner vixen is telling me that Iā€™m at the risk of being mistaken for a being with manly jewels? šŸ˜‰ No, I’m not but I fancy a man who fancies tidy, clean and neat. Which makes for today’s post; Bachelor Pads


1. First impressions: invest in a statement piece.


2. You, most likely, own everything you need. All that needs to be in the right place, in order.


3. It is not cool to be messy; it is pointless to have a classy but messy pad. If you’re too busy, hire some help.


4. This is where you show your artsy side. Be it paintings/drawings movie posters etc. That way you can develop your appreciation of art. Wall paper is an art too, right?


5. Tone down the macho feel with some soft finishes. A rug, soft pastel colors among others help create a warm welcoming atmosphere.

Finally, I have this gentleman friend who keeps referring me to askmen.com. I have no idea why but since I care and look out for the men in my life, I scheme through it whenever I have time. Not surprisingly, they have excellent articles on the same here.

Tidy day yo! šŸ™‚


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