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Manic Monday & Lessons

Huhuy! You gotta love Mondays. Meet my current take-long project. Want to take a random guess? Actually, it’s a downsize (something I’ve never done before but overly willing to). I can’t believe the amount of garbage I’ve carried so far *sigh* My idea for the new year is to cut on many people and things […]

Shoo, shoe away…

I thought about devoting a day to cleaning and crocheting, then a nasty flu sucked all the energy out of my body and now is a tire that is draining me minute by minute *sniffs* And so, to make me feel better, I’ll go shoe shopping 😉 Speaking of shoes, today’s architecture is crazily insane […]

Emerald with envy :-(

Enough of white Christmas! Honestly, I’ve given up on the idea of enjoying this Christmas, again! Usually, I begin making my new year resolutions at this time of the year but they mostly never come to fruition. This time however, the plot and goals, unlike my hair, have thickened that I think of revisiting my […]

Excuse me while I grab a fanta

Just yesterday, I had the giddy pleasure of helping my friend out with flower arrangements. It was all fun and flowery until she had the last laugh when her little one deflowered them. Poor little things were now a heap of worn out tissue ;-( Let me tell you a little something about this friend […]


A month and a half ago, I updated a to-do-list which I have followed to the tee. O.K! I’ve occasionally broken some and must I say that the greatest lesson learnt since then is that nothing comes easy. Been off that long mainly because my guts and my brains have been fighting long and hard […]