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Excuse me while I grab a fanta

Just yesterday, I had the giddy pleasure of helping my friend out with flower arrangements. It was all fun and flowery until she had the last laugh when her little one deflowered them. Poor little things were now a heap of worn out tissue ;-( Let me tell you a little something about this friend of mine; she’s that person five-ten steps ahead who always reaches back to offer a helping hand and interesting tidbits. She also gets angry and scolds at me (cowers) It gets that bad sometimes, ha!


Anyhow, that the holiday season has it can only mean two things: Ho Ho Ho and Orange is the colour of fun! Call me a sucker for orange and you couldn’t be more right. This is a colour that can pair with any other and still give excellent results if done well.


Orange is a warm colour containing a shade of red and/or yellow, giving it a friendly inner glow.


It shares the attention-grabbing effect of red without as much aggressiveness and intensity.


Could be a calming orange, pumpkin orange, tangerine tango, etc. They all represent.


And it works well with sleek furniture e.g nicely contrasted dark, rustic pieces 🙂


Orange feel exceptionally sophisticated against rich neutrals, like gray, purple and mahogany among others. As much as you can, avoid black!


Side note: The above is reason why I badly, terribly need to move into a unit with a bigger kitchen.


Freshen and juice up your white or cream background/drop with dashes of orange.


Use it to draw out your inner carefree and happy self. And yes, experiment with other colours.

Excuse me now while I grab a fanta and orange popsicle! Tidy in ya souls day! 🙂



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