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SaturDIY- Simple Candleholders

I need some time to sober up! Whew! Can you get high just by a whiff of wine? My recipe today had listed red wine as an ingredient. So I set out to cook, added it as required and was to wait until it ‘reduced by half’. Upon opening the lid, Zeus knows I was instantly on […]

Rustic fires and jerseys

Many many moons ago, I was a little girl in grade 1 and had this burly friend in grade 8 {true story} We were neighbours and he used to lift me up in the air 😉 This morning I met him on my way to work and guess what he yelled from across the street […]

Stop the Glorification of Busy

Over the past few years, I’ve always whined how busy I am and haven’t any time not to run around doing some chores. Until I came across a certain phrase that got me thinking; “Stop the glorification of busy” While I didn’t really make any New Year Resolutions other than join a volunteer program and […]

The coloured whore

There is something about meeting old friends that rekindles a warm flame in my soul. I met two over the past week and one late yesterday. Even just having a cuppa coffee, getting angry for not keeping in touch then the ‘awww, look at you’ and the hugs that follow *smiles* But that’s story for […]

And will you succeed?

Monday’s out! First day of the week is down and let me tell you, it was lollapalooza (Feel free to google that) 😉 From the mere fact that I managed to beat traffic this morning to that I gave a reply to all my mails to that I’m thinking of someone. Makes me bubbly That’s […]