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And will you succeed?

Monday’s out! First day of the week is down and let me tell you, it was lollapalooza (Feel free to google that) 😉 From the mere fact that I managed to beat traffic this morning to that I gave a reply to all my mails to that I’m thinking of someone. Makes me bubbly


That’s not all. I also rediscovered Dr. Seuss. Yup! I’ve been chuckling and giggling by myself and at one point even thought of how it felt being called Missus Seuss; though I gather it’s a sad affair.


But really, maybe all my subconscious mind wanted was a reminder on the power that word play bears. That we can invest feeling and emotion in simple, clever and witty manipulation of words.


Ever wondered how some people move us, inspire us, maybe downgrade us just by their words? It’s called the ‘linguistic incarnation of charisma’ (I’ve been doing my homework. Also, see image below) 😉


Now with all that, a little wierdness, insanity and a handful more, you will be damned to think I’m not the girl on fire


……..and after all……


Now you can answer the question above while having a tidy in ya souls day! 😉


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