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Rugs and ruggler

I’m busy sat in-front of this PC, feeling rather cranky, tweeting and receiving tweets from a couple of ruggler and listening to Taylor Swift squawk about trouble trouble trouble. I’m so busy! Maybe later, I’ll just walk to the kitchen and make me a coffee and breakfast eggs {sigh}


Maybe if I had this ‘Sunny Side Up’ rug set out at my kitchen, it’d serve some motivation. But since it’s not, I’ll just be posting some unusual but creative rug designs while wishing some would automagically place themselves on my floor.


This would make an excellent crochet project *pins it*

During the night, this simple but complex rug can be plugged in and ta da! There was light šŸ˜‰


Now, who don’t love the feel of heavenly on their feet?Ā  Forget soft earth and sand. Pebbles people, pebbles! You just want your toes to get lost in them, dontcha?


But why would anyone want to have a ‘Plaster Rug’ in their home? Will it purpose to remind you of pain or that you have to tread carefully?


Or a Sewer Rug? *mutes thoughts*


This looks rather ugly but a good concept regardless.


This one I absolutely love. There’s a certain appeal that wooden floors radiate and this rug would make a perfect fit to create one where none exists.


It’s music time and we’re Walking In Memphis. Enjoy while I take care of this ruggler business šŸ˜‰

Tidy in ya souls day!


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