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…while under the table

I bet you wouldn’t guess where I’m hidding at the moment 😉 Under the table, see?

I’m writing while under the table. On the plus side, I’m sheltered from the scorching sun {what console} On the minus side, the sitting positions are quite uncomfortable, bah!


Console tables are generally  decorative pieces of furniture. The term console means a ledge on the wall that acts as a support.


The idea of a console comes from Medieval and Baronial architecture where it was also known as corbel. In modern times the console tables serve as simple functional units for bags, keys, phones, picture frames, candles and lamp shades etc.



Whether you have one adorning your entry or in any other room of your home, console tables make beautiful focal points..



So, a little more pictures that could be a source of your console inspiration…


Tokyo console table designed by Ramara Ltd.


Loved the oval top of this table



The above kind of set-up would be termed as a symmetrical vignette which is characterized by the use of lamps and/or artwork hung in a balanced fashion (or even with more)


A simple but sophisticated look by Sarah Richardson

Console6 Quark

Another Ramara Ltd design- The Quark console


Don’t know what it is with the colour green that attracts me so much. But you all must agree the wardrobe (I guess) looks splendid, right?


An Elizabeth Kimberly design. Great works of a monochromatic theme


Oh! The yellow benches! Plus the wall paper makes excellent background


Another Elizabeth Kimberly design. Notice the floor?


A Mary McDonald design- the mix of shells, animal print, colour, a mirror and wood. Loveable!!

Methinks you and I have had enough envy flowing through so it’s time I signed off. 😉

Console in ya souls day!


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