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Thoroughly wet; gone for a bath

The weekend was wonderful to say the least. I ate tasty food, fixed some cocktails while some friends barbecued some steak that looked like it was from the Flintstones, lol! That came and passed, then morning happened. Looking at my bathroom is no fun and shall I say I never look forward to bathing in it 😦


Don’t mistake this for it. It’s very very far from it *poor me*

I absolutely dislike pondering dilemmas of which I have no business pondering especially on the first day of the week! I have what is arguably the most ugliest bathroom in my tiny tiny home…  {please note that posting pictures of it would crash your computers} 😦 So instead, is a layout of what I’d have loved it to be


But my land lady annoys me. What with all the wall-paint peeling off and still she couldn’t let me use wall paper *insert a feeling of rebellion* Just yesterday, I bought wall paper and over the weekend, it’ll be up! I can hardly wait to see her face 😉


What I’ll be looking for in the next house would be a bath with inexpensive space: one with room for a tub/shower, a vanity cabinet and just enough room for much more. Since I can’t have that at the moment, I must dream, drool and research.


Finally something worth pondering on; He who doesn’t die on the battlefield, slips in the bath-tub


Cheers and tidy in ya souls! 😉


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