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Breathe out *hoooooouffff* OK, I know I am a little slow sometimes but I just realized we’re into the Easter week? News of Easter Bunnies and treasure hunts are flying high and I don’t know whether to be simply terrified or just eggsited 😉 images from Craftberry Bush Anyways, today started out what we call […]

Let’s burn up some rubber and recycool activities

I don’t know about you but I am still what some might call ‘green.’ So you can imagine the energy and the many activities involved 😉 not to mention there’ll be more fun times to come when rubber will again hit the road! It’s gonna be a furn affair, woop woop! I sat down yesterday […]

Easy Like a Sunday Morning

Greetings Infidels 😉 Should be easy at home but stuff that. House hunting and window-shopping in order then I might go home and try some mixes seeing as I’m feeling a little of a mixologist. The houses I’ve come across so far are a little space-deficient for my liking but faaaaaaaaaar much better than what […]

SaturDIY- Bucket Ottomans

In my junior days, I remember, we were made to buy metal buckets in one of the Catholic schools my parents almost enrolled me. Imagine that? Lol! Well, to this date, the bucket is still going strong 😉 I rarely ever use it except for house cleaning but looking at it today, I think I’ve […]

Mosaic Floors: Old World Style- New World Order

These are those of the days where one feels cranky and are determined to stay so for the next few ones, bah! But I’ve had a pretty good time with Nero this morning. He learned me of mosaic wall-floor coverings and now I have a few more minutes tinkering with my imaginary patio 😉 I […]