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Mosaic Floors: Old World Style- New World Order

These are those of the days where one feels cranky and are determined to stay so for the next few ones, bah! But I’ve had a pretty good time with Nero this morning. He learned me of mosaic wall-floor coverings and now I have a few more minutes tinkering with my imaginary patio 😉


I am cranking hard on artistic mosaic floors and because of the little-to-no brainpower possessed today, let’s get to it!

Mosaic tiles have a long rich history and are one of the most timeless and durable floor coverings. Whether forming a pattern or laid out in single colours, mosaic floors are particularly beautiful.


There are numerous surface choices for your floor. Natural stone as such marble, granite or travertine, is very popular, as are metallic, porcelain or mirrored finishes and iridescent glass.


A mosaic flooring does change the feel of your home. Hardwoods or shimmering glass indicate style and elegance whereas porcelain and ceramic mosaics suggest an attention to detail. Pebble mosaics show preference to a more natural beauty.


The finishes also vary between glossy, polished floors and rustic, tumbled ones. Needless to say, mosaic tile have their advantages and disadvantages too.


Advantages being: that you have a choice between solid and multicoloured tile (Design), that they are resistant to mold, mildew and stains (Easy to clean), that they reflect light rather than absorb it to create various effects (Luminous), that they are long-lasting (Longevity)


Disadvantages maybe that while they are resistant to stains, they are susceptible to scratches and breakages. They also are expensive to buy and install and if anything, costly to repair as well.


Finally, I particularly loved the below.. splendid!

Tidy in ya souls day! 😉


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