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Hoodle-hoo! I have a metal wall piece of myself naked..

Lol, kidding! Happy April yo 😉

There has been a lot of planning and playing, but mostly planning, going on. That, I will update you at the end of the post. First things first, I tried my first Easter eggs and even though I had no paint and they weren’t as colourful, I thought to display them on here


Do you notice those little round pieces of bronze colored decorations? I could swear bronze is getting in my way and so far, it is winning big time! Like this bronze jewellery I got on my way home from an Easter trip


Beautiful pieces right? I know, I know. And I kept looking at their extrinsic patterns and thinking of how they’d look if they were some wall art instead. So, when I got home, I did what I know best; looked up metal wall art. For today, only a few pieces that I loved


Owl metal hooks


 A winederful rack, don’t you think?


 I love the feel created by the use of lighting and metal here…


The color contrast is great, yes?


Yoddily yo! Isn’t that an ingenious creation of a wall  clock!


Wall candle holders are always a good alternative form of lighting.

Enough of wall art! Now onto the little update I promised earlier.. but that will wait till ater I’m done with my exhaustion market research 😉 Up till then…..

……tidy in ya homes!


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