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Small Living…

…..and smaller leaving 😉

Grrrrrrrrrrr! The last few days have been hectic in my house I might have shed a few pounds in the process. I am not a last minute person and so despite my moving at the end of the month, the moving-out process has already began. Of-course there’s the thrill and excitement of moving to a larger space {But it would still pass for ‘small spaces’} 😉

Tomorrow, I’ll be looking through the last few choice of houses before I can finally settle on which one to move into. More interesting is that two of them are a bit ‘out of town’ so that I won’t have to pass through the city center everyday *glee* That in mind, I have been looking up various ways to spruce up small space apartments:








Already, I have a clear picture of how I might want it to be like *muses* Complete with a mini-home-office because then, there’s the idea of doubling up:


There you are! Anyone with more ideas? Please share with us, thank you. Hoping to take a few pictures of the various apartments that I see.

Cheers and a tidy in ya souls day! 😉


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