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Team Floating

Some of the best feelings in the world come from as simple a pleasure as learning how to float!

Seeing as we (a friend and I) had a few extra hours some days ago, we decided to learn how to swim. Yes, if I was plunged into deep, or shallow waters for that matter, I couldn’t float for life’s sake. I recall someone once telling me that I could even sink in a baby pool, rofl! Boo-ya 😉


Floating shelves- “designed to fit within a minimalist decor by hiding the supporting brackets within the shelf.” That’s w’sup! These easy to build and inexpensive shelves can help revamp your walls either for storage or just for display.


An asymmetrical arrangement a fireplace, tv and floating shelves for showcase.


In-between windows, seats or spaces, vertical shelves can be used as a focal point; to create contrast or  for a harmony of some kind.


In place of closed cabinets, open shelves can be a fun way to create an illusion of more space while everything is easily accessible. It would be a perfect time to display those colourful bowls,plates and cups 😉


 Above seats and sofas, the shelves can be used to display photos, art work, vases or for mood shelving as such candles and plants. Symmetrical or otherwise, the shelves can be arranged to create various feelings.



Small bathrooms can also benefit from wall shelves. These can be mounted at the corners, next to a vanity or above sinks to stimulate visual interest and make it appear larger.



Excellent book shelves! You can build them to store your books or just to add some flair to other in-built storage shelves.

Being a SaturDIY, here’s a handy link on how to build floating shelves. Cheers and a…

…tidy in ya souls day yo! 😉


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