Window Treatments

Anyone with a great appreciation for windows and light will be somewhat of the proverbial kid in a candy store when window-dress shopping. There is a large variety of treatment to choose from as such draperies, blinds, shades, window films, valances etc


In today’s architectural designs, contractors and builders are including more and even larger windows in homes and other buildings. This means increased exposure to UV rays, more sun intensity and less privacy.


Window treatments are thus an essential item and any interior and home decor is deemed incomplete without these. They are used to balance, contrast and ‘soften’ the otherwise hard lines of design and construction


Even with their other practical functions, they can be used thematically to create various feels ranging from bohemian, ethnic, country, contemporary to the recent modern look. In a nut shell, window treatment should be in the top of your interior and decor list and should be carefully planned and selected.


Next week at Tidy Bubbles, we’ll be covering textile applications with regards to window treatments. Hook on and till then…

Tidy in ya homes day! 😉


2 comments on “Window Treatments

  1. With the increased exposure to UV rays and more sun intensity that you mention I think it is also important to create energy efficient homes. It’s great how simple things like curtains and blinds now serve more than just an aesthetic function – here’s a link I found showing how it saves energy, regulates the temperature in your home and keeps costs down: http://www.blinds.com/control/infopage?page=infographic/energyloss.html

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