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Lighting Solutions


Using light in architecture and design is more an art than it is a science. That there are no standard practices when it comes to the use of light makes it even all the more interesting! And as the traditional use of space and natural light has changed over time, so have lighting solutions been keeping up the pace. Light requires planning and a well designed lighting system is key to preventing eye-strains, can be used to accentuate decor among others.

Never before has there been such a wide variety of options to choose from, given light and lighting solutions. But picture this; with a remote control, a touch screen, control panel or just a tap of your finger on an iPad/Phone, you can control light effects to create different moods and feel! Lighting Designs and Controls is an area that Rajeev of Lighting Solutions Ltd knows only too well; and he was a kind soul in taking us through this at the Kenya Hospitality Trade Fair, last week.

“Light is the essential make-up of a room and using this, you create ambiances,” was his opening remark and it couldn’t ring any truer. What stood out, however, was the light control presentation; using a tab, he demonstrated how one could control light to suit different moods as of meal times, conference room/lounge, reading nooks, a dance arena etc.


At the end of it all, was some useful piece of advice:

1. That people increase light circuits in their homes//businesses and;

2. that they learn the use of direct and indirect light as well as LEDs.

With all this, perhaps the best thing a home/business owner must do is to understand the purpose that light serves at any particular time. Lighting Solutions Ltd is the answer to your understanding ‘the modern way of Lighting Up Your Life.’

Here’s a little more about who they are, their projects, products and how to contact them.

Enjoy a well lit day! 😉


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