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Our Bathrooms Are A Reflection of Who We Are


Bathrooms define us. They are more personal than we may think of them and not only do they say a lot about our homes, but our personalities as well. It is then important to create and re-analyze our bath spaces in line with what we stand for and what we may wish others to perceive us. A lack of space need not limit on your bathroom design and aesthetics. There are numerous ways through which you can brighten and energise it without necessarily ‘infringing’ on its core function:

Walls – Colour is an effective way to give a small bathroom distinct personality. That only neutral to light coloured wall paints should be used in small spaces doesn’t always work. Should you feel comfortable with black, navies or other bolder colours, the trick is in softening the look with light accessories as such towels, rugs etc that pick on lighter shades.

Fusion – A fusion between functional simplicity and sophisticated aesthetics creates an appealing bath space. Great displays of vases, figurines, photos and/or paintings not only create a live-in feel, they also create an illusion of space and help draw attention from the lack there-of.

Storage – Storage is a key element in the bathroom and is aimed at de-cluttering. Little tricks can be used to maximize space in a small bath like spotting decorative hooks for hanging towels, an under-basin basket for storing clean towels and fabric, a floating shelf for holding bathroom necessities etc.

Scents – Nobody likes a smelly bathroom. They are no longer a place to go and just have a shower or powder up your face. They have, over time, evolved to become a relaxation haven. Investing in beautiful scents like lavender, lemon and the likes will not only leave you feeling rejuvenated and clam, they also freshen the bathroom and leave it odour free.

Your bathroom is your own little spa; surround yourself with what makes you feel refreshed and beautiful.

Tidy in ya souls day! 🙂


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