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The Beauty of Wood in Design and Architecture


From the design of unique and intricate masterpieces, the restoration and renovation of interiors or the creation of simple yet complicated motifs, nothing is beyond the craftsmanship that comes with wood. For generations, wood has been used in design and architecture for walls, doors, cornices, mantel pieces and even in flooring.

Thanks to its availability and ease, wood is increasingly being used to create and enhance contemporary beauty. On the other hand, it is a resource that is adaptable to take on specific uses and designs. Below are a number of benefits from using wood while designing:

Longevity:  With correct detailing and moisture content, structural wood requires little to no chemical treatments to sustain and lengthen its life-span. As wood is generally resistant to heat, frost and corrosion, the only element that needs to be controlled is moisture; which can be controlled by kiln-drying the timber before use. Other alternatives to extent wood durability include decorative finishes/paints and special wood treatment as such sanding and polishing.

Insulation: The cellular structure of wood makes it a highly effective insulator that creates comfortable living areas. With it’s ability to be thermal and moisture acoustic, it is then an ideal resource to retain heat and warmth during winter while maintaining a cool effect during summer. Additionally, wood is an excellent method to reduce energy use and save on energy running costs.

Adaptability: Over time, occupants in a house may need to recreate, rearrange or renovate a room or the entire house according to lifestyle changes. Using wood is the most simple and practical way to go since it comes lightweight and can be easily molded to suit a particular need be it paneling, flooring, ceiling, filling a system etc.

Ease of Maintenance: But for the occasional need for a thorough polish and sanding (as is the case with wooden floors) wood is very easy to keep clean and tidy.

Diversity: Besides its use in building and construction, wood is also major component in furniture making. Wooden furniture combines timeless beauty with functional practicality regardless of style. The sturdiness and stability of wood means that furniture made of it is exceptionally durable and speaks tones of warm and earthy.


P.S: While wood is fast becoming a choice for many architects, engineers and interior designers, there is need to replenish this invaluable resource. So if you appreciate the beauty of wood in design, make a pledge to plant more trees and facilitate a more sustainable forest cover.

Tidy in ya souls day! 🙂


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