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Interior Design and Colour Psychology

Anyone that has an interest in colour and design is naturally fascinated by the area of colour psychology. However, for the most part, claims about how colour can affect the quality of life can bring out the sceptic in us. If you are one of these people think about these simple questions; Advertisements


I wouldn’t know if it’s the burn-out or if I really want to start anew. The latter has a probability of 1 (yes, I passed my mathematics) 🙂 On a whim, I did a little charting on my board and noted down a few things I want to accomplish before this year ends. Yeah, now you […]

Odd Thursday

Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit too odd that everything I come across is or seems odd. That’s odd, right? For Instance I am currently reading Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz. A book I have to come adore 🙂 Strangely, I found myself typing away ‘odd furniture and home decor.’ I’m certain that the search […]

Wanna see some sun!?

It was a beautiful evening last night. The sunset was amazing. Ahhh, September is here (yay) and the 1st fell on a weekend (another yay) First thing I did last night was to unplug the alarm clock in celebration of it. Also, this has been playing on my mind since morning 🙂 Now, the past […]

SaturDIY- Curtainized Bed-sheets

I’m laying here on the bed listening to music and gazing out the window and being just pleased with myself 🙂 Today, I was a girl on a mission and MISSION ACCOMPLISHED \o/ Earlier this morning, it was still that maroon-golden curtains on my window. Now, it’s yellow with blue-and-white stripes. See I had this […]