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What’s in Store for 2014 and Other Interesting Stories!



I wouldn’t know if it’s the burn-out or if I really want to start anew. The latter has a probability of 1 (yes, I passed my mathematics) 🙂 On a whim, I did a little charting on my board and noted down a few things I want to accomplish before this year ends. Yeah, now you […]

Tangerine Tango

It’s a bonkers Hump Day! Totally bonkers. And with the way the weather is here (HOT) it’s hard not to have some ice-cold drink with you. Today was spent wishing and daydreaming. Daydreaming that if I could, I would: want to have a suzuki hayabusa gifted me and hop on a plane and fly to […]

I Want To Be On TV!

Who am I kidding? I don’t want to be on TV. That’s a title to one of the children’s book I read a few days ago 🙂   Been a long time since I last visited my blog. My fingers yearn to write on the familiar; this will be a bit different. It will be […]

Wanna see some sun!?

It was a beautiful evening last night. The sunset was amazing. Ahhh, September is here (yay) and the 1st fell on a weekend (another yay) First thing I did last night was to unplug the alarm clock in celebration of it. Also, this has been playing on my mind since morning 🙂 Now, the past […]